Jul 082013

Wellington track season dates have been announced.
The season officially begins November 3rd, and will continue through to March 30th. Running on Sundays from 4-6pm makes it pretty easy to show up.
Get Training, it’s a bunch of fun!

May 312013

Been Building this sucker for ages.. Finally have it complete..

Frame: Cinelli MASH 09′

Crankset/Bottom Bracket: Sugino 75/Shimano

Pedals: MKS 
Miche 17t/Sugino 48/Izumi.
Cinelli Pepper 44cm/Thomson Elite 90mm.
Cinelli Unicantor/Thomson Elite.
Front Wheel/Hub/Tyre:
Mavic Open Pro/Miche (low flange)/Vittoria Rubino Pro.
Rear Wheel/Hub/Tyre:
Mavic Open Pro/Miche (low flange)/Vittoria Randoneur.
Pulling gang signs/Being Content with my quality bike/DameTruth.

They see me rollin’ They be jealous.

Dec 052012

Over the weekend was the Laykold Cup at the Velo.
DameTruther Gareth took the opportunity to get some racing in and some more time on the bumpy concrete surface that is the Hataitai Velodrome.

PNP press release here: http://www.pnp.org.nz/2012/12/cottams-clean-sweep-at-laykold-cup-carnival/

Nov 192012

DameTruth made its return to the Hataitai Velodrome last night.
Pics from Backy/MeoGP and Nick Warren

More pics to come.

Nov 152012

here’s a Video of the Hipster 100 action. Pretty sweet!

The Rowan Humffreys Hipster 100 – 2012 from Ryan McCrae on Vimeo.

Nov 142012

The good folks at Chainsmokers, Hamiltons rad fixed gear bike gang have organised an alley cat in a couple of weeks time.

More info here

Nov 122012

Our fellow riders and 2012 rivals The Chain Gang Kids, recently picked up Adidas as a sponsor. Check out their latest Edit/Intro

Nov 012012

A bit late posting this up but here is some coverage from the Hipster 100 event held in Hamilton. The DameTruth guys had a lot of fun. Thanks to the organisers and our accommodation!

On the way back we had a quick dip in the thermal pools at Taupo. Definitely a must do.

Pics to come.

Aug 212012

Our fixed friends in Auckland have put out a quick video for Adidas Originals. Check it out.

CGK :: Adidas Originals represent Auckland from Conrad Smith on Vimeo.

Aug 102012

Since coming back from Seoul with this Gem. I found it hard to piece together what I wanted for this bike. With all my builds I’ve always had the theme sticking with certain categories. This time round I just want the BEST of the BEST.