Mar 312009

Sanding Begins

Mar 272009

When I got the bike home I began taking it apart. There is a fair amount of rusted parts on it, but over a couple of days and with a bit of help from the guys at Bicycle I managed to get everything off the frame.

Bike in original State

Mar 262009

Looking for a frame at trash palace….
trash palace porirua, wellington bike bicycle vintage

Mar 252009

I’ve begun building a fixie, for general riding around and some commuting. It’s a different type of riding that I’m not too familiar with but will be good fun.

I managed to find a bike after visiting 7 or 8 places in the Wellington Region. I found a Raleigh Arena, in less that perfect condition at Trash Palace. After looking around a few more places, I went back on the Sunday and managed to pick it up for $15, sans Seat. The idea was to just find a suitable frame, and use whatever else I could from the original bike. I plan on using frame, cranks, fork and headset though they will be made more suitable for the fixie conversion.

Here is the original advertising from when it came out, around 30 years ago.

Original Catalog Image

Original Catalog Image (Click for Biggie)


Mar 252009

Building fixies from scratch. Getting into the fixie game, riding out the rookie status.
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