Jun 222009

So the other day I saw a fox cycling through my neighborhood on a fixie. I bit like the FoxyBingo Mascot it was absolutely hilarious! Whoever was in that suit must of been late for work or perhaps it was a disgruntled mascot escaping from his job. Anyway, how he or she could maneuver, yet alone see the road in that costume is beyond me!

FYI – In case you haven’t heard FoxyBingo is one of the biggest names in online bingo games. Perhaps if you are from the UK you would know what I’m talking about.

Here’s what the fox more of less looked like (but imagine a Fox):

Side note: I heard you can win a nice lump of cash from this site -
“GREAT OFFER! Get a 100% match bonus with your first deposit! Play Bingo Games and win Guaranteed £20000 in Weekly Bingo Jackpots! “ . Unlike most sites offering the same dream, FoxyBingo actually is legit. Katie Price for ‘Celebrity mum of the year’, a FoxyBingo sponsored award, I think they were awarding MILF of the year lol.

As you all know Cash is king in the bike building game! Imagine what I could buy with a spare £20000 – A Mint vintage Colnago…I’d rock double HED wheels for the hell of it, or a couple of MASH frames just to hang on the wall haha…

Jun 112009

Few changes to my Raleigh Arena Lately. New Nitto Riser bars and Technomic Stem. New Front wheel- Black Velocity B43 Rim Radially laced to Blue Soma Track Hub. Held together by black custom length wheelsmith spokes and blue nipples. Rolling on a Maxxis Detonator front, Rubino rear.

Bike June 09.