Aug 292009

the fixness the radness wellington fixed gear group ride
Photos from the Weekly Welly ride!

Aug 222009

After 1 week?

One gear No idea from chris akrigg on Vimeo.

Aug 202009

I didn’t get to ride tonight but there were a few who did. Hope it was good!

Some pics.IMG_2834

Aug 182009


The ride last night was off the chain.Literally. Downhill on Constable Street towards Newtown Walkers chain came off, leaving him freeriding like Evil Kenevil. I manage to slow down traffic behind me as he dismounted onto to feet and ass. Word of warning for group riders on thursday!

Aug 132009

Nice ride tonight. the first of many. Met Civic Square, Courtenay lap, rode along to Featherston st, through town then around the bays, past the airport, Lyall bay, short hill climb into Newtown, Southern Cross for a beer. Awesome ride.the fixness the radness fixed gear group ride wellington

Aug 102009

Coming soon…

Aug 102009

fixed radness

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Aug 102009

I went to Trash Palace yesterday. They have 3 or 4 good bikes that could be converted into a Fixed gear bike quite nicely. They had a couple of Raleighs, including a Raleigh Arena in better condition than my one. If you need a frame and fork for your Fixed gear project, check them out.

Aug 082009

Good turnout today. Thanks Ivan @ SteadyRollin/Redbull Special Ops
Group shot Tires fo Fire Wellington Other photographers pics @ SteadyRollin, Tumblr

Aug 072009

3052579208_2a0c022067_b-copyAfter some downtime, AKFixed forums are back online.

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