Nov 272009

DameTruth is in the process of upgrading to DT3.0. We’ll be back to proper operation soon.

Nov 262009

DSCF3313Yesterday was a pretty good day, despite Wellingtons wind. I rode around to Days Bay/Eastbourne in my lunch break. It’s a nice ride this one, all flat, quite fast and hardly any traffic on the road, Plus there are plenty of side streets that head up the hill for some short entertainment.

Nov 232009

WONKZILLA copy-thumb

With two of the most influential fixed free riders in Japan at the Moment (Tom Lamarche and Ed wonka) as well as the quest for inspiration on a new bike I’m working on, Ive been trawling a lot of Japanese Fixed footage. This Video shows how killer those cats are becoming¬† as well as another way to look at building a fixed gear bike for this style of riding.

Who’s got thoughts on riding a 29r Frame with 700c wheels?

Nov 222009

Nov 202009

the fixness the radness wellington fixed gear group ride
What a ride…Past the Airport, around the bays, up Owhiro Valley to Brooklyn then death run down to Southern Cross.


Nov 202009

goodsRight boys…

Here’s the good stuff you’ve all been waiting for! Here are some of the pics from over here in Italy.

Nov 192009

Despite the rain, looks like there was a good turnout. More pics at SteadyRollin

Nov 162009

Knocking off early to get a little ride in before 5 today (Monday).
Will be kicking round civic square at bout 3:40 if anyone’s down?

Nov 102009

cinelliCinelli has released their catalogs for 2010 products recently. They feature a few things that might be of interest to the fixed gear crowd.

Nov 092009

Catch you boys on the flip!7146411

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