Jan 282010

While away in Italy last November/December I picked up a wee new toy which has been under wraps… until now!

Jan 282010

I’m always changing something on my bikes. Here is my current bike. I think it will probably be for sale really soon.

More pics inside…

Jan 272010

Looked like fun.

Jan 182010

As posted earlier here aerospokes are now in NZ through bicycle.co.nz

Support local, buy local!

Jan 162010

I had to mill out the rear drop-outs for extra chain tension but so far she’s rollin’ sweet.

The old school BMX cranks are awesome as is the 42×18 ratio for trickability …and yes, she is 700c barspinable :) Total cost: $42.95

Jan 162010

…Fork snaps at the crown doin’ 30ish on flat road resulting in…

…A deep ass graze down to raw flesh, Yummas!!!

Jan 122010

Hey boys and girls, as many of you may know I was recently away working in Italy, land of bikes. While I was there I had the chance to visit Dodici Milano and the legendary Masi bike workshop. For those who missed it you can catch the post here:


on my way home from Italy I made a three week stop off in NYC and let me tell you, I saw more track bikes in the first 24 hours in NY than I have ever seen in my life! Anyway, after scooping my melted brain off the pavement I stopped off at Chari&Co. These dudes are awesome; super friendly, chilled out and just amped on bikes. Enjoy the pics and I’ll catch you all in the saddle.

Jan 072010

Time to wear in those new tires you got for xmas. See you every Thursday from 7pm.


Jan 042010

Some nice tricks in this one.

Filmed on a Flip Mino, these cameras actually look pretty good value for money…
Dick Smith sells these little cameras