Feb 222010


Catch you boys at AllTrack!

Feb 172010

After moving on the Cinelli I was on the hunt for something a bit cheaper. Here is what I ended up with…

Feb 122010

Last nights ride was a pretty laid back, cruisy ride. Everyone was having fun just hanging out and riding bikes. Good fun!

Feb 122010

A Couple of days ago Steadyrollin’ announced All track 2010. Plenty of events and riding.

More info here.

Feb 092010

Cookiecutter’d fixie rider. I’m not sure if this pic is good or bad. Do you have cleats on those shoes?

Feb 072010

This is a warning for the kind of shit that happens when you take a bike of the road and don’t provide it with the undivided attention that it deserves… the little shit jumps out of the rafters where it is lying in wait (has been stored) and bites you with four of it’s big ass 1/8th Campagnolo teeth! I tell ya, the sound of chainring VS skull is hell scary. It took a good 20 minutes for this to stop bleeding, my Japanese flatmate running around yelling “Ah, fuck, fuck, fuck…”   I reckon this one beats that chainring tattoo of yours Mardti.

Feb 022010

Ralph built this bike up with the help of the guys at Capital Cycles.

Built super burly, it was originally a GT 29er. Ralph made a few changes to it and now uses it as his trick bike.