Mar 272010

Finally got the Dodici built up the way she was always meant to be… Vintage OG.

Bike check as follows:

Custom 57cm Dodici frame, Ferrari red with gold metal flake.

Campagnolo Record Headset

Campagnolo Record Cranks

Selle San Marco Concor saddle

Front wheel: Miche low flange laced radial to velocity Aero with DT Competition

Rear wheel: Miche low flange laced radial/3 cross to Velocity Aero with DT competition

Campagnolo Centaur BB (Don’t ask, it was a bitch)

seatpost, stem, handlebars, blah blah blah.

Anyways… it aint until you ride a thorough-breed that you realise B43s were never designed to go fast, nor is the shitty Giant road conversion with 10 year old running gear they are rollin’ on.

Mar 262010

ok guys.. update on the bike…

nobody will fix the forks of fear of them failing after repairs so there gone.

head tube is bent backward so there maybe hair line cracks or its just bent. small kink under the headtube = bent.

rear wheel that i took in yesterday = stripped threads on my campag record low flange hub

front wheel is not true.. dents and massive chunk taken out of the rim.. hub is not running smooth Wheel will need full rebuild possibly onto new rim with possibility of damage to the campag hub.

possible to get the bike running again… new forks and new wheels set.. although the head tube is gonskies so if i ever crash again the bike will probably explode into a million pieces.

my thoughts thus far is.. leave the bike hanging up in my room and build a new bike.. ideally i will need to get the whole head tube redone and re brazed.. being a poor uni student this may not be possible for a few years.. so say hello to my new decoration…

Knees feeling alright today.. quite stiff… no riding today thats for sure.. even if i did have a bike!

Damn the $10 mountain bike!!!

nice and tight!!

Dont Worry ill be back.. with something bigger and better.. haha one day.. see you all next thursday! hopefully for a ride!

Mar 222010

Me and Adam went for a sweet ride on sunday.. i turned up to civic square and saw this amazing whip from a mile away.. hopefully bike check on it soon. has to be seen to be believed.

anyway check the pics.. the little that were taken. was good fun.. got lost on the way home though and ended up at Davis Foods!!! Yus haha.

Cheers, Grant.

Mar 182010

Thanks to all this years sponsors, looks like it’s gonna be awesome.

via Steadyrollin

Mar 162010

The Gutterball got a new splash of paint.

Thanks Krink.

Mar 152010

Hidden deep is my new tyre, Time to hit the street!

Mar 142010

So a while ago I asked my friend David Murphy to take some portraits of me and my baby girl, Masita, inspired by some shoots I’d seen online of Fixed Gear riders. Here are some pix from the shoot – taken at my folks house, where they let me run riot in their garage with bike parts.

If you’re keen to have yours done, let me know and I’ll arrange it with David.

Mar 122010

Bear with me this is my first post so ill see how it goes..

awsome night last night. got to meet some of the dametruth and many other new people like me!

bloody good fun and a little dodgy at times in the wet…

still finding my way round wellington so im not too sure where we went haha all i know is that the decent was siiick..

anyway ill let the picture do the talking (pictures are not to good as the weather was a lil ave)

Cheers, Grant