May 262010

Get my cast off next thursday woo!! Hopefully the plates hold her together good. Then its a long physio run (about 6 months) before shell be working sweet again. I like to think as my self now as a cross between iron man and wolverine. hence why ive grown a beard too.

See you on the streets soon hopefully!!!


May 102010

Group of us went for a ride around the bay, starting from our usual meet spot at Civic square along the motorway, through Petone then to Eastborne. We stopped at Days bay for lunch and hung out at the local primary school for a BMX/scooter jam session.

O yeah – We all took the ferry back while Jordan decided to ride back after a dip in the sea…Crazy Canadian..

More photos after the jump

dame truth wellington to eastborne, fixed gear, track bike
dame truth wellington to eastborne, fixed gear, track bike

May 052010

Ralph got interviewed last week for part of an article in Dominion Post. Here’s the article…
Err… nice? (Click for bigger)

What is Fakenger Curious supposed to mean?!

May 032010

well typing in bed is a mission so ill keep this short.

taxi van ran me off the road and this is the result…

landed on my hand then face planted.

ambulance ride to wellington hospital. once there this was clear:

after a night in surgery 2 plates 12 screws and alot pain, now i look like this:

still have alot of pain and stuck in bed but i will be right.. get a new cast in a week..

big thanks to Adam and all the boys.
and a big thanks to Wils, the nurse that picked me up off the side walk..