Jul 242010

This is the current incarnation of my volume cutter.  The lights make it street legal; the risers make it work comfortable; the dametruth decals make it cool.

~volume frame and fork
~dmr bar, stem, seat
~alien wheels and drive
Jul 232010

Awful weather last night… just awful! Instead of the group ride we had a little Film Fest of our own… Screening Revival and Death Pedal 2

I’m more of a MASH type of guy but I sure do appreciate the sick shit on these tapes. It’s crazy what cats are doing on fixed these days….BUT what’s up with rollerblading and kandama on the DVD bonus section?? …haha

dame truth fixed gear
dame truth fixed gear
dame truth fixed gear

Jul 032010

For any of you looking for a mint trick bike or jut an upgrade from your conversion jump on this deal!!!! these bikes are super nice!!! i recommend!

Plus Tims getting in some leader frames and has everything fixed you can imagine check out his website http://www.twhitesbikes.co.nz/