Sep 282010

An intentionally slow build, but turned out to be an enjoyable bike to ride. This’ll be mostly used on the track though it’s had a couple of street rides. I skimped a little on the parts for the build, when I worked out the cost vs payoff factor. Pedals, Tyres and chain will be changed out for the proper ones when I get a spare moment.

Sep 102010

I thought we should start trying to get this blog up and running abit more.. times be slow lately.

only 3 of us came along tonight to battle Brooklyn hill and the rain.

was a really fun ride untill i got into newtown and felt some very bad cog and lockring slip! i havent taken it apart yet but hope the threads are still all good.

We got soaked but was a good fun ride! lights bro LIGHTS! catcha all next week!

I have no idea if that map is accurate. but it was something like that :-D

Cheers, Grant.