Jun 272011

AKFixed.com is back up, with links to all known NZ fixed gear riding crews.

Also, there is a link to the AKFixed forums over on SoleJam. Check the forums out and get contributing.

Jun 222011

Dametruth roll up in style when we go anywhere! Bedpost!

we drove 9 hours that night arriving at 4am in auckland. up the next day to kick some Auckland ass.

i made it to the final of the hills sprints but got my aass wooped due to no sleep the night before! was a dope weekend. you know it was successful when you finish the weekend in the emergency room. Chur Hagan for the photo.

Jun 202011

Hey T. Blog Supreme gain followers. love ya man.

Jun 182011

Sooooo… due to everyone being injured/ away the blog has been lacking content for a while. Ive just had my second surgery in 6 weeks and will be out from riding for another 10 or so weeks. But apart from all this im still building and collecting bikes. Most of you have seen this but i though i would throw it up anyway cus im bored,

Purchased from OG dametruth member Adam a few months ago this bike is now one of my favourites ive ever owned. built to be a proper roadie with all modern running gear it runs smooth and has taken me on a few hefty k rides before injury set in. i hope to be back on it asap. But dont worry my fixed gear passion has not lessend since purchasing gears and brakes!

54cm J.Foster made from Reynolds 731

running Shimano 105/ultegra gruppo.

3ttt bars and stem with record seat post and san marco seat.

Rolling on Fulcrum 7s with gatorskins front and rear.

Enjoy! will through up some pictures in a few weeks of my other new bike a 2010  GT pulse. still a work in progress though.