Jan 302012

Jan 252012

A few months ago we had a Team Kit made. Grant took some photos of some of us at the track last night.

Take a look!

Jan 242012

This weekend, come down for some #DTBC¬†shenanigans, Taylor is moving to Perth so we’re gonna see him off in Style.

We wish you a swift departure Taylor!

Image courtesy of theCGK.com

Jan 202012

The Dodici in trout hunting mode – she covered a solid 80Km today including a few hundred meters of elevation up into the Akatarawa ranges on a trout stalking mission. No fish but as they say, “the journey is half the fun.” Probably closer to 90 percent in this case …Life just rolls on that little bit slower when you have a fixed gear and a pack on your back.

Jan 122012

Last week Gareth came down from Palmy and bombed some hills with us.

I didn’t get any photos on the ride, but here’s some from the pre-start.

Jan 102012

DameTruth hope you have had a great festive season. We have a lot planned for the following year, with a couple of announcements coming as soon as possible.

Have a great 2012 and fit heaps of riding in!