Nov 122012

Our fellow riders and 2012 rivals The Chain Gang Kids, recently picked up Adidas as a sponsor. Check out their latest Edit/Intro

Aug 212012

Our fixed friends in Auckland have put out a quick video for Adidas Originals. Check it out.

CGK :: Adidas Originals represent Auckland from Conrad Smith on Vimeo.

May 212012

Thanks for the hospitality over the weekend CGK Hagan and Kenny, super appreciated!

Pics from yesterdays quick morning ride (from HDotDaily).

More Pics Here

Jun 272011 is back up, with links to all known NZ fixed gear riding crews.

Also, there is a link to the AKFixed forums over on SoleJam. Check the forums out and get contributing.

Jun 222011

Dametruth roll up in style when we go anywhere! Bedpost!

we drove 9 hours that night arriving at 4am in auckland. up the next day to kick some Auckland ass.

i made it to the final of the hills sprints but got my aass wooped due to no sleep the night before! was a dope weekend. you know it was successful when you finish the weekend in the emergency room. Chur Hagan for the photo.

Apr 262011


Apr 252011

Couple pics post-race.

Apr 242011
Apr 242011

Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise never fails to disappoint. Unofficial main event.

Grant Broke his arm again and Pat crashed more times than he could count. (Thanks for the Photo HiKenny)

Apr 242011