May 212012

Thanks for the hospitality over the weekend CGK Hagan and Kenny, super appreciated!

Pics from yesterdays quick morning ride (from HDotDaily).

More Pics Here

Apr 302012

Riding the Colnago 10 speed in SF.

Apr 302012

A little over a week here in Seoul and it’s been pretty rad meeting all sorts of people from all walks of life.

Definitely the highlight so far is meeting Nico he’s the owner of the coolest bikes on this planet to date! Has a serious collection of bikes and according to him, he’s built over 35+ bikes!

Stay tuned!

Aug 302011

Grant filmed this up at the Recent PNFixed Ride or Die Criterium. Enjoy.

Aug 242011

There is a Crit race on in Palmerston North tonight.
Couple of the boys going up for it.
More info here

Apr 242011
Apr 242011

Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise never fails to disappoint. Unofficial main event.

Grant Broke his arm again and Pat crashed more times than he could count. (Thanks for the Photo HiKenny)

Apr 242011

Apr 192011

Just a few days until Resurrection/All Track 2011. With a bit of luck we’ll have plenty of coverage of the events so keep checking back over the weekend.

Apr 082011

Auckland. Easter. 22nd April – 24th April. This is the fixed gear event of the year for the New Zealand people.

There are a bunch of events including; Qubic King of the Hill (Hill Climb), Steadyrollin’ Asylum Criterium (3×3km lap race) and the Chain Gang Kids X Chain Gang Girls 21(km) Alley Cat.

Plenty of social times too such as the Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise (DameTruth Main event), Opening ride and the Qubic BBQ and drinks.

For more info check out Solejam/AkFixed Forums here