Nov 122012

Our fellow riders and 2012 rivals The Chain Gang Kids, recently picked up Adidas as a sponsor. Check out their latest Edit/Intro

Aug 212012

Our fixed friends in Auckland have put out a quick video for Adidas Originals. Check it out.

CGK :: Adidas Originals represent Auckland from Conrad Smith on Vimeo.

May 212012

Thanks for the hospitality over the weekend CGK Hagan and Kenny, super appreciated!

Pics from yesterdays quick morning ride (from HDotDaily).

More Pics Here

Apr 252011

Couple pics post-race.

Apr 242011
Apr 242011

Apr 232011

We arrived in Auckland at 4am this morning. Had a few minutes sleep and woke up around 8 am. We were feeling pretty shit to be honest!

Todays official events started with the Meet & greet and then a quick, shortened Tank farm ride. We then headed to Parnell Rise for some good quality sprint races up the hill. Looked like everyone had some fun. Ivan from Steadyrollin/Red Bull hooked up some Red Bulls, thanks Ivan!

Frank, James and Ivy organised the races. Lester Perry from QuietChaos/Pavement Panthers came out on top for this event, winning easily, and in style. Crusing over the line, uphill with no hands on bars. Her picked himself up a G-Shock watch, $200 Qubic voucher and a DVS prize pack. Nice.

Following the racing, we headed back to Qubic for some drinks, socialising and some Sausages.

Afterwards we went out for another ride, ending up bombing dominion road a couple of times. We had 1 casualty on the way down. Riding on we then had another crash when Armand wiped out and broke his helmet in a few places. Lucky he was wearing one otherwise he’d be in hospital right now. We decided to cool things off and headed to Sals doe some Pizza slices. Best pizza I’ve ever tasted, for sure.

All in all, a good first day. Some good results from the DameTruth crew. Tomorrow is the Criterium, 10km around UniTec. Then the Main event – Skull Bike Club/T-Whites bikes Booze cruise at 6pm. It’s gonna be amazing. If you can get there make sure you do.

Photos to come.

Apr 082011

Auckland. Easter. 22nd April – 24th April. This is the fixed gear event of the year for the New Zealand people.

There are a bunch of events including; Qubic King of the Hill (Hill Climb), Steadyrollin’ Asylum Criterium (3×3km lap race) and the Chain Gang Kids X Chain Gang Girls 21(km) Alley Cat.

Plenty of social times too such as the Skull Bike Club Booze Cruise (DameTruth Main event), Opening ride and the Qubic BBQ and drinks.

For more info check out Solejam/AkFixed Forums here

Apr 062010

The Penultimate event of this years All Track. Congratulations to Ken White winning the wheels, and Muzzle for winning the overall event.

Redbull, AllTrack, Minidrome
Redbull, AllTrack, Minidrome
Redbull, AllTrack, Minidrome
Plenty more pics inside
Redbull, AllTrack, Minidrome

Apr 062010

This is what I’ve been working on for the last 4 hours… enjoy.

Mini Drome through the eyes of Grunt5 from Grant Davis on Vimeo.