Sep 302011

Revoked Movie from Chris Fonseca on Vimeo.

Chris Fonseca upped this. 2009 Movie by him. Cool.

Mar 182010

Thanks to all this years sponsors, looks like it’s gonna be awesome.

via Steadyrollin

Feb 122010

Last nights ride was a pretty laid back, cruisy ride. Everyone was having fun just hanging out and riding bikes. Good fun!

Feb 022010

Ralph built this bike up with the help of the guys at Capital Cycles.

Built super burly, it was originally a GT 29er. Ralph made a few changes to it and now uses it as his trick bike.

Jan 162010

I had to mill out the rear drop-outs for extra chain tension but so far she’s rollin’ sweet.

The old school BMX cranks are awesome as is the 42×18 ratio for trickability …and yes, she is 700c barspinable :) Total cost: $42.95

Jan 042010

Some nice tricks in this one.

Filmed on a Flip Mino, these cameras actually look pretty good value for money…
Dick Smith sells these little cameras

Dec 102009


Tonights ride was a little different. Ralph got his new bike a little while ago [Bike check on that soon] and he managed to find a really nice quiet tricking spot, with some really cool features. The Wellington Fixed Trick scene seems to consist of only Ralph at the moment but we try out best…

Dec 102009

So just a quick post. Been riding lonewolf steez a bit lately! Let’s get together tonight rain or shine and have a skid and a beer folks! P.s- Buying forks with a too short steerer is the best FAIL in a while! hahaha
p.p.s- this is the moment when things go bad. Nice pick I found over at Prolly.Tomnosefail-thumb

Nov 232009

WONKZILLA copy-thumb

With two of the most influential fixed free riders in Japan at the Moment (Tom Lamarche and Ed wonka) as well as the quest for inspiration on a new bike I’m working on, Ive been trawling a lot of Japanese Fixed footage. This Video shows how killer those cats are becoming¬† as well as another way to look at building a fixed gear bike for this style of riding.

Who’s got thoughts on riding a 29r Frame with 700c wheels?

Nov 092009

Well I’ve finally managed to convince myself that my black 79′ Vincolo trick bike is too small for me…(duh kinda was obvious)

It’s for sale here. parts list is in the auction, winner get’s the bad boy selection of stickers on it too! for free… (only coz I can’t peel them off and put them on my new bike) which I can’t get till this sells so go on, empty your pockets.

wu tang forever!

wu tang forever!