Nov 022011

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Oct 092009


This is what happens when you convince your dad to build a fix gear bike…

..he goes and chucks a set of sick as hell B43 rims on Dura-Ace hubs with BLADED wheelsmith spokes and gold ano nipples!!! Not only that but he goes the whole bloody hog and goes radial lace on the front and wild as hell asymmetrical crowsfoot/radial on the rear.

Now that’s more gangsta than a private school kid chucking 18″ chrome wheels on his moms Merc!

Sep 182009

Out with the old...

Out with the old…

...and in with the new

…and in with the new!

Sep 072009

IMG_2298editI’ve had the Raleigh Arena in various stages of being built up for about 4 months now and at this stage I would like to share some experiences I’ve had with this project.

Jun 112009

Few changes to my Raleigh Arena Lately. New Nitto Riser bars and Technomic Stem. New Front wheel- Black Velocity B43 Rim Radially laced to Blue Soma Track Hub. Held together by black custom length wheelsmith spokes and blue nipples. Rolling on a Maxxis Detonator front, Rubino rear.

Bike June 09.

May 042009

Update 03/06/09: The rim came in yesterday and I started building it up today. The B43 is nice. The guys at Bicycle will be truing it and installing it onto the Arena. I bent my front forks the other day so they will also need repaired.
Wheel view