Aug 212012

Our fixed friends in Auckland have put out a quick video for Adidas Originals. Check it out.

CGK :: Adidas Originals represent Auckland from Conrad Smith on Vimeo.

Oct 022010

DT hits the Velo from Grant Davis on Vimeo.

Pat and I decided to make the Trip to the Velo Today. Enjoy!

First Edit of Summer. More to come
Thanks to Connor for filming.

Jan 042010

Some nice tricks in this one.

Filmed on a Flip Mino, these cameras actually look pretty good value for money…
Dick Smith sells these little cameras

Nov 222009

Oct 292009

The Revival from morehartfilms on Vimeo.

New Film coming out real soon, keep an eye out for it.

Oct 222009

A Day In The Life of… from Slandro Champions on Vimeo.

Smooth riding. Huge wheelie.

Oct 142009

Saw this on vimeo. More SF fun. Nice edit.

Summer edit GNAR from HellachunkyProductions on Vimeo.

Oct 092009

DAYOUT from KRANK on Vimeo.

…and as much as this song has had the shiz thrashed outa it, it continues to put a smile on me dial :)

Oct 022009


Hfwido is the fuckin’ craziest, most gangsta-nerd-ninja mother-fix-trixta I know of…. this here pretty much proves it: